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I am Jameson Brandon- World Traveling Entrepreneur and let me tell you these last 10 years have been crazy! I went from thinking I was going to be a professional model to running my own software company to where I am at now which I will talk about in just a minute…

What most people miss is that in order to be an entrepreneur it requires alot in fact and even though its currently being touted around like its the thing everyone should do, its not necessarily for everyone.

It’s hard, requires sacrifice, patience and a slue of other traits that if you don’t have innately you must hone in quickly to “make it”. I learned dozens of skills over these last 10 years not because I wanted to but because it was a MUST and no one else was there in line to learn it so I had to step up and learn it.

Things like coding, photo editing in programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, video editing in programs like Camtasia and Adobe Premeire, basic accounting skills, team management skills, various software skills, communication skills, marketing skills, copywriting skills, advertising and persuasion skills.

I don’t say any of this to impress, its simply the realities of starting something from nothing, you gotta go through that period of wearing all the hats and really being this jack of all trades.

Whats funny though is that since I was a kid I knew I was going to be a wild success and I don’t necessarily mean that from a money standpoint, more from a standpoint of fulfilling what I feel I am in this world to accomplish. I know that now, everything that has happened up till this point in my life has groomed me to be the man I am today and its given me the skills I needed to lead and really blaze my trail.

I have gone from living with my parents to making millions and thinking I “made it” to loosing it all and ending up sleeping on the street again and having to once again fight tooth and nail back up. I will never forget that first night on the street, I cried myself to sleep-if you even want to call it sleep. I kept one eye open on my stuff while the other attempted to sleep so I wouldn’t be a complete mess the next day.

I learned some really important things that first night…

…I realized that if I could make it that first night, I could make it through anything!
…I knew that I wasn’t going to be “homeless” and identify with that, it was simply temporary and I was soon to be back in a comfy bed
…I knew that the abundance level I experience in life is directly in my control and up to me!

Within a few weeks, I was back in the game and living out of a hotel until I got situated back in a new place. This was 3 or 4 years ago, and since then I have been on an aggressive path learning all I could about psychology, neuro-science, spirituality, healing, social dynamics, trauma/placebo/remission, cognitive disorders/bias/effects and fallacies among all the experimenting and testing I have done on myself to push my boundaries, increase my capacity and prepare myself to really deal with the high levels of pressure that doing something REALLY big actually requires.

Most people when they think about the uber successful like your Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk level, they assume there is either some sort of special character trait that these people were born with or they dismiss just how difficult it is to reach that height of business success. The equation is simple, provide insane value- make insane money and have wild success. The level of success to big producers is directly proportional the the level of value they have provided to the world.

For me, I have been putting in the work and honing my craft over these last 10 years getting ready for “timing to be right” for the value I can offer to the world. That has led me to take on various markets, change direction and pivot over and over to where I am today…

– I started off making small software tools for digital marketers, quickly growing our user base to over 60,000 people from all over the world!
– For awhile I was known as a leading digital publisher and Facebook marketing expert in the online marketing space
– We pivoted after that into providing the whole user experience for a select few clients which allowed us to get huge insight on the user experience side of digital publishing that we didn’t know before
– We also provided conversion and optimization services on funnels getting millions of visitors per day which gave us huge insights on what I call viral funnels where there are hundreds of thousands of visitors hitting the funnel per hour
– At one point I was feeling a strong call to really take an inner journey which is when I sold off most of my business assets and stepping away from the digital publishing space
– After that I started to travel the world more, putting more emphasis on the inner journey

Here we are in 2017, my primary goal is to start to share more of my entrepreneurial experience with more people through digital channels this year and we are launching a new company which I will keep quite about for now.

You may have just read all that and thought, man that guy is arrogant, or crazy or right up your alley and caught a little tingle of inspiration. No matter what its all good and for those who want to keep following along and connect with me more, check out the links below.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmyADKAPAGEFN8iBNd1Y2fw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jbrandon0
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jamesonbrandon
Facebook: http://facebook.com/jamesonbrandonlive
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jameson-brandon/tracks

If you want to see how I might be able to help you or work with your company, check out the work-with-me tab. I cannot promise I will be taking on any clients at the time, but its worth reaching out.

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