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Today could be the best day or your life!

Even though that sounds like a trendy message you would read on a fresh fortune cookie, I firmly believe that everyday can be the best day of your life and it doesn’t require drugs or anything overly aggressive to get there. Abundance is all around us!

Now even though the media spins the 0.001% of bad to make it seem like everything is doom and gloom, the world actually is filled with more abundance now than at any other point in history!

I personally feel that we are living in the most exciting times ever right now as I type these words, but I remember when statements and talk like this used to only promote fear inside me.

Back when I didn’t have a plan, and I feared change like the rapid change we are starting to see daily and I feared not “being in control”. I remember I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like someone was sitting on my chest, my heart literally felt like it was burning.

I eventually learned over the years what that all meant and how to let that go and embrace the change, remembering the truth- as I said Abundance is all around us!

In fact I want to take it a step further and say that all possibilities and outcomes exist and are available to you in the same way that this boundless abundance is.

Take a second and just think about the access we currently have today in the world, internet access and social media has broken down so many barriers that were once there. This has enabled us to reach more of the globe and connect, build new businesses and share new ideas faster.

The lines that once separated all the countries and cultures are quickly fading, and a new connected globe is emerging. All the basic needs that fit into Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are better today than ever before for the entire world!

As I write this we are in February of 2017, this year will be marked with some of the biggest shifts we have ever seen…

…In 2017, we will see HUGE advances in space tech and our ability to travel in space
…In 2017, we will see the start of the auto-driving market which will completely change our lives
…In 2017, we will continue to make huge strides in medical and science to better understand the brain, body and disease
…In 2017, we will see yet another black swan hit us by surprise

And the best part is, all of these are billion (Yes with a B) dollar markets!

The future’s looking bright which is why the media tries so fucking hard to shit in your Wheaties everyday with spreading the bad news and getting you to feel a certain way.

If reading all that didn’t get you excited, let me also point out the fact that there is an ‘awakening’ let’s call it happening all around us.

People are continuing to wake up to deep truths about who we are and what we are capable of, as we shed more of the philosophies, world views, barriers and language restrictions that have been culturally passed down and absorbed unconsciously over time.

That being said, it’s time for a big reality pill…

9 out of 10 people WILL NOT be prepared for these big shifts coming up, and I mean mentally they won’t have the capacity to stop on a dime, pivot and shift quickly as the markets start to shift quickly.

Most people that you come into contact with each day, are still actually sitting on the sidelines of life, refusing to get up and play! They sit in the stands where it’s safe, judgement is cheap and easy and doing the deep work that is involved is too difficult to pursue.

As we have seen with other big economic shifts, there will only be a small % of people who truly capitalize on the abundance that will be created. The older generations will struggle the most and cling to old beliefs (40yrs and above), simply because how the brain patterns its world views by that age, it stops looking for new information and really fights change.

The generations that will strive the most are those that fit into 15-35 years old range and this is mostly because their brains are still really moldable and as things shift quickly they can adapt with minimal resistance.

In reality you and I both know that the ones who will ‘thrive’ the most are those who are willing to change, work on themselves and hold in a predominantly neutral zone as huge uncertainty hits.

But this isn’t the biggest problem that people face though, this is just the result not the cause, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room!

Most people in the West (US) are searching for something, and this is further perpetuated by the fight for materialism and living beyond our means. We are taught that happiness comes from something outside of ourselves and that we have to find that “one thing” that will fix it.

Living with this for most of my early years I can relate, and it wasn’t until I finally hit what I thought was the pinnacle of business success did I ever really start to question any of the delusions I was running off of. After all up till that point, things were going pretty good, I had my routine, I had women in my life, I had financial security, all the things we deem important.

Reality is I was asleep at the wheel and terrified to actually live a life of meaning and purpose, at the time my life was operating in a vicious cycle of making money to buy more stuff that I thought would fill me up but never did.

After my world all came crashing down around 27, I took a huge step back and took the deep dive into the inner game of life and started to travel the world looking for answers to my questions, trying to figure out what was true and what was cognitive bias and culture hypnosis.

That is where things got really interesting, I started to seek out spiritual healers, shamans, mystics and tribe leaders to help me understand who the fuck I was and what was my purpose here in this life.

This is the fundamental question most people have, “Why am I here?” or some variation of what is my purpose…

Now I want to note right now this isn’t one of those “find your purpose” or “passion for profits” letters.

Fact is, I had no idea how long it would take for me to get my answers, but I committed myself fully over the next 3-4 years continually seeking out, reading now hundreds of books, going through thousands and thousands of hours with training courses, retreats, bootcamps, masterminds, workshops and audio programs.

I was aggressively seeking answers to the deepest questions, facing my deepest and darkest trauma’s that had been haunting me my whole life, standing in the light, letting go of worry/doubt and fear, while accepting the path that I feel I must walk in this life.

This journey I speak of is what I think the Buddha meant when he famously said “All life is suffering” because you suffer silently when you’re asleep at the wheel of life and you suffer when you go down the “rabbit hole” because you fight the ego constantly, with the walls of pride, and fear of judgement from the world around you.

I tell you all this not to say I have returned from isolation with all the answers and want to sell you a 10 step system that will teach you how to be enlightened, find your purpose or the meaning of life. Instead I want to talk to you about the number #1 thing I think will help EVERYONE be in the best possible position to capitalize on a future filled with uncertainty.

The best thing you can invest your time in cultivating is your ability to unlock more of your personal genius, that I believe is your shield of armor against anything!

I know most don’t really feel comfortable when people make statements like ” I am a genius!”, we immediately think those people are cocky or arrogant. Fact is we are all a genius in our own way, and most people spend a lot of their years just coming to terms with themselves, accepting others will judge them, they will in fact fail at things, repeat the same insanity loops many times and go through hard times.

Outside of death, fear and failure are the main things we are all hiding from, yet there is this whole other side that is just begging to come out of us and be expressed to the world.

Have you ever felt like that, like you were here to do more? Like most people don’t understand you and want to force their broken beliefs and views on you? Like your light is slowly being muted and dimed?

Have you ever had inspiration just flood through you and not know what to do with it?

See I believe we all have inner genius inside us just begging to get out.

Often times when we think about genius we think of people who contributed massively in the past, many of these people helped shape life for us today right?

People like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Mozart, Steve Jobs, Aristotle come to mind for many…

There are modern day Genius’s as well, people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Jack Ma etc..

All these people are often referenced to as genius, their imagination and ability to take action seem not even possible for most of us mere mortals.

What if there was a way to not only pull genius from past game changers like those above but merge that with your own innate genius?

Remember there is a deep structure to everything, character traits, skills, process and systems all have it. One could decode and apply the specific steps to what Einstein used for thought experiments or what Tesla did with his ‘self organizing processes’ you can assume you will get a similar result.

Did you know, Mozart built songs from the end to the beginning, sometimes starting with just one small piece and working that all the way into one of his famous masterpieces.

A genius has the following abilities…

  • The ability to create massive value in one or more market places
  • The ability to play in creative and imaginative states
  • The ability to learn new things quickly
  • The ability to see changes/trends/economic shifts coming
  • The ability to take these imaginations and turn them into reality
  • The ability to see the future in many ways, making assumptions of where areas or tech and commerce will go
  • The ability to be clear, precise and focused when it’s time to DO THE WORK

Funny thing is most of these characteristics are the same that are required these days for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is just a new word used to define the same character traits that change makers of the past all cultivated.

Remember no matter how “different” people want to claim these geniuses are, everything that looked like magic can be reverse engineered and applied to one’s life.

I feel that those that will really see the biggest gain in the upcoming shifting economy are those who have genius character traits, whether they were innate or learned.

Those who are willing to go down the uncertain path and face their fears, insecurities and old scripts head on in order to align with their inner desires and heart felt purpose while cultivating all the traits of a modern day genius.

And I want to note that I don’t just mean financially, I mean those that will be able to provide the biggest value during this shift of which money/wealth will be a natural outcome.

Again it’s due to them being able to almost see the future, see these big changes coming, tap into their imagination to pull out new ‘magic’ and then take fast action to bring that into the real world.

That all leads me to the point of this letter and how/who I feel I can help. I want to help more geniuses from all around the world activate and step into the light.

Obviously if you read this far down, you could just take what I have given you in this letter and go do it yourself, if you want my help with rolling out instrumental pieces, process and system around activating your inner genius then keep reading on.

Let me start off by saying that this letter is up and hosted all year around, that doesn’t mean there is always opportunity to work with me, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

I love coaching and mentoring in a one-on-one and group dynamic but only with the right people, otherwise it just drains my energy so our pre screen process is quite long and we only open up a select few opportunities to come in per year.

I work with people one-on-one and offer group live events from time to time as well.

My suggestion is that if you read this far down and feel that I am the right person to help you break through your current roadblocks to unlock your inner genius then it’s time to reach out to me in as many places as you can! Start with filling in the form below!

Jameson Brandon coaching

If you want it, go after it and get my attention! This isn’t ego, the reality is that everyone I have ever worked with, went WAY out of their way to make it clear they wanted to work with me.

Simply put, this strategy works!

It works because throughout the year, I get hundreds of submissions on pages like this, even more hitting me up in private message on social media so it pays to stand out and put in the extra effort to those things you want.

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P.S. If you have been feeling that there are big economic shifts coming and want to ensure that you are prepared and ready by removing more roadblocks and unlocking more genius in your life then maybe it’s time we had a chat. Look we can chat about doomsday prep, financial markets, piggy banks, and physical fitness all day long but the those aren’t the root, the root is mental toughness, capacity and ability!

The changes that are coming aren’t scary, even if everything we thought mattered disappeared tomorrow we will be ok, there is a web there to catch us if we fall.

Honing your inner capacity for uncertain events, experiences and circumstances while increasing your ability to deduce and act quickly is the most important thing almost no one is looking at and will prove to be the most important, if it’s not already blatantly obvious.

Yes I want in Jameson!
Want My Direct Help?
Simply fill in your info below and you will be taken to the next step in the application process
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Want My Direct Help?
Simply fill in your info below and you will be taken to the next step in the application process
Yes Jameson I Am Ready To Take The Next Step!
We keep your info safe, like Ninja.